Alice's Amazing Maze
Guide Alice to the White Rabbit. 3 levels of play keep you hopping!
Find and sink all the ships
Blit Math Master
Practice addition all the way to algebra - set the level of game you want to play. Netscape 3+, Explorer 4+
Remove the shapes made of matching color blocks, and see if you can clear the whole screen
Catch the Frog
Catch as many frogs as you can
Chef Jr. Comic Construction Kit
Create your own story - choose backgrounds, stamps, color it, and write the text - when you're done, you can print out the page with your own comics!
Chevron Connect the Dots
Puzzles of many of the Chevron cars - numbers up to 30. Be patient after you complete for a surprise!
Play Chess Against tkChess
See if you can beat the computer
Coding Chamber
Send your message in secret code to a friend, or decode something they've sent
Color cards online then email them
Holiday cards from Billy Bear's Playground
Cross Section
Guide Penguin Pete along on a journey up and down a tower, collecting fruit (what does a penguin do with fruit??)
Disaster Maze
Guide FEMA Freddie home safely through the maze of dangers.
Don's Dugout
Don the Mole has discovered some unwanted visitors in his garden. Can you dig down and rid the garden of these pests?
English Experiments
Put in a phrase, and let the machine code it for you - then you can send it to a friend
Face on Your Egg
Make a silly egg face, choose a hat, eyes, and mouth