FEMA Coloring Book
Reminders of what to do in case of natural disasters, like hurricanes, earthquakes, floods...
Bounce around with ball that's rubber banded to your cursor. Chase down those yellow blinkers as fast as you can!
Garfield's Word Searches
A whole collection of puzzles - food, comics, favorite things and more
In how few moves can you find the gift on the board? Click on a square to see the direction the gift is in
Can you get past the cars and logs and get safely to the other side?
Gypsy Word Search
Find these names of Gilchrist characters in this word search. Makes a new search every time
Hare and Hounds
See if you can trap the hare by moving the hounds in carefully... make sure the hare doesn't sneak past
Hide and Seek
Three levels of play in this fruits and veggies matching game. Level two combines words and pics, level three has food facts - what is the 'apple of love'?
Hurricane House
In the event of a hurricane, you should prepare your yard for the worst. Find all the objects which may cause a problem during a hurricane.
help Penguin Pete collect coins and avoid the flames
Online Jigsaw Puzzles
With pictures drawn by kids!