Create Your Own Adventure
Fill in the blanks and create you own adventure with Kratt's Creatures
Creature or Not?
Click on the map, hear about a creature, and then decide if it's a real animal or not!
Disaster Math
Test your math skills with these disaster related word problems. Can you win them all?
Double Fun Match
This matching game will stretch your brain! Match flags to their countries, fractions and decimals, times on clocks or elements and their symbols
Fake Out
See if you can guess the real definition for these words. Then submit your own whacky definitions for the next round of words - see how many people you fake out!
Ecology Strikes Back
Read wacky comics and go on a web adventure - go for the high score!
Make Your Own Fairy Tale
fill in the blanks and make a funny story
Francine's Un-matching Game
Find the item that doesn't match - easy and hard questions
Fun Match
Match animals, instruments, numbers, good food, junk food, flowers and more in this multi-level matching game.